Exciting times ahead

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12.01.2024Evelyn Ýr

Even though I haven't written much recently, I have been steadily working on the project, reading and researching. 

The next part of the website is almost ready, and it will include a section where you can browse and read stories about Icelandic sheepdogs that I have received. These are all sorts of stories, short and long, and it will be fun to get them started. 

Yesterday, I advertised again for old photographs and received so many responses, so many tips and pictures that I sat at the computer far into the night. Thank you to everyone who contacted me. I feel like I'm finally one step closer to having old photographs for the exhibition. 

There's so much coming up for us in the next few weeks. We plan to participate in the travel exhibition, Mannamót in Reykjavík next week, where we will introduce our exhibition to travel agencies and tour guides and distribute marketing material. 

In February, we will have a team join us to record various dog-related photography content and videos for the exhibition, and I am really looking forward to it. We know this young team that has previously created marketing material for us, and we met today to put together ideas and a work plan. 

Wow, this is all becoming so real!



Lýtingsstaðir, 561 Varmahlíð.
Phone: +354 893 3817
[email protected]



Lýtingsstaðir, 561 Varmahlíð.
Phone: +354 893 3817
[email protected]